Window/ Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting

NYS Softech is the best Web Hosting Consulting Company, India. We assist you to host website globally irrespective of any business, organization or service, making your online presence worldwide.


NYS Softech is the best Windows Hosting consulting company. Our in-depth understanding of hosting features offers the power of scalability and reliability. Windows Hosting plan is a significant advantage for those who are using ASP, ASP. Net Microsoft SQL Database, etc., which is compatible with Windows Server.


If you are going to launch a website for your personal or enterprise businesses, Web Hosting plans based on Windows hosting technology is an ideal choice for private windows server. This will maximize the reliability and scalability.


Windows Hosting vs Linux hosting

Linux hosting is the most popular web hosting platform compared to Windows Hosting. It covers Linux and Unix variants which offer several benefits and extra features. The Linux web host is comparatively cheaper than Windows. However, Windows hosting platform have escalated due to compatibility with ASP and .NET scripting language which is far away from Linux hosting platforms.


One of the main advantages of Windows Hosting platform is compatible with scripting languages of ASP and .NET support. It also supports PHP, Perl and Python which can be very powerful and are becoming more popular. Though, Windows hosting has increased its popularity, it has not yet overtaken Linux Hosting. Windows hosting is much costlier than Linux hosting platforms.