About Us

We are a complete Development and Promotion Solutions Company, we have been catalyzing and transforming production, sales, marketing, customer service, engagement and brand awareness of businesses, startups, Ecommerce.
NYS Softech, with over four years of industry experience offers a plethora of professional commercial services such as custom software development, web consultancy, web application development, website maintenance, etc. Some of our expertise includes:
With a range of tools, our teams have built some of the most vibrant designs, both in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Using elements such as information architecture, graphic designing,    and usability testing we offer cost effective solutions for any kind of business out there.
Our maintenance service offers you quality analysis, timely updates and clever enhancements for improved functionality, and technology advancements. With clear and concise support for your business processes, we help you maximize profits and get on the fast track growth lane.
With our capable and dedicated IT resources we can support your business needs and activity, and assign each resource by efficiently analyzing your business needs, model, tools, process and methodologies. 
In today’s day and age, the world has adopted a new way of engaging in social networking – through social media web portals such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These webssites cater to a user base of millions or users. Information sharing on these websites has become a norm, and various businesses have benefited from marketing on such platforms.
We took our time to study these platforms and have come up with marketing strategies bundled with tools to create an environment for your business where all elements and more can be showcased in the most flamboyant way.
We can help you make something as straight forward as a Facebook page or an Ad, or something more complex such as a Facebook app or a Twitter feed recorder to market your business.